Marco Faraone Revamps Italian Classic ‘Emergency 911’ into Modern Techno Anthem

Reviving an Italian Classic with Contemporary Techno Ingenuity

Marco Faraone Returns to Drumcode with Modern Take on Italian Classic ‘Emergency 911’.

Marco Faraone is back on the Drumcode label, this time offering a fresh, contemporary techno spin on the timeless Italian classic ‘Emergency 911’ by Prezioso feat. Marvin. Faraone’s journey into the world of electronic dance music began at a tender age of 12 when ‘Emergency 911’ was first released in 2000 on Time Records. This track ignited his love for dance music at a young age, eventually leading him to explore the diverse realms of house and techno during his formative years.

Initially created for his own DJ sets, the track rapidly gained popularity among ID hunters and ravers alike. The turning point came when Faraone shared it with Adam Beyer, who played it for the first time at Ultra Miami, where he was performing b2b with Eric Prydz.

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Reflecting on the process behind this track, Faraone commented, “One day, I was lying in bed, listening to some old dance records just for fun, and ‘Emergency 911’ came on. In that very moment, I decided to breathe new life into it by sampling the vocal from the vinyl and crafting a techno rework that would remain an exclusive feature in my sets.”

Upon hearing Faraone’s contemporary interpretation, it’s no surprise that it garnered the endorsement of the prestigious Time Records, in addition to enthusiastic electronic music enthusiasts who were eagerly searching for the track’s ID. This rendition delivers dynamic and robust techno, harnessing the iconic sample to electrifying effect.

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