Listen to D’Angelo, Jay-Z, and Jeymes Samuel’s New Song “I Want You Forever”

It features on the soundtrack to 'The Book Of Clarence'

Jay-Z and D’Angelo have unleashed their latest musical collaboration, a soul-stirring single titled “I Want You Forever,” in partnership with filmmaker and musician Jeymes Samuel. This epic nine-and-a-half-minute masterpiece serves as the musical centerpiece for Samuel’s new cinematic creation, “The Book Of Clarence,” which graced US cinemas on January 12.

Described by Samuel as “nine minutes and 32 seconds of absolute soulful, biblical bliss,” the track not only showcases the undeniable chemistry between Jay-Z and D’Angelo but also solidifies their prowess in crafting music that transcends genres and storytelling mediums.

Jay-Z, who co-produced the biblical comedy-drama alongside Samuel, lends his distinctive voice to the song, delivering poignant verses that echo themes of longing and devotion. In one verse, he raps, “Life don’t taste the same without you/ Tears in my champagne ’bout you/ Quit playin’ girl, you know I’m crazy ’bout you/ You know that week you ran back to your momma house/ Ask my friends, they can vouch (Ooh).”

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The soundtrack of “The Book Of Clarence” is a musical tapestry woven by Jeymes Samuel himself, featuring diverse talents like Lil Wayne, Buju Banton, Shabba Ranks, Doja Cat, and Kodak Black. Released through Roc Nation, the soundtrack is a sonic journey that complements the film’s narrative.

With Lakeith Stanfield portraying the titular role, “The Book Of Clarence” promises an immersive cinematic experience, enriched by the soulful soundscape curated by these musical luminaries. As D’Angelo’s first widely available new song since 2019, “I Want You Forever” stands as a testament to the enduring power of collaboration and musical innovation in the ever-evolving landscape of art and entertainment.

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