Lifeforce : BT and Shingo Nakamura’s Melodic Marve

Grammy-nominated BT and Melodic House Maestro Shingo Nakamura Collide in Electrifying Debut Collaboration.

Grammy-nominated producer BT and Japan’s leading melodic house artist Shingo Nakamura have joined forces to release their highly anticipated debut collaboration, “Lifeforce,” on Monstercat Silk. This dynamic partnership brings together BT’s two-decade-long career as a composer, engineer, and technologist, with Nakamura’s success as one of Monstercat Silk’s resident leaders, known for his global radio success and electrifying performances.

Their collaboration, fueled by mutual respect and admiration, signifies a blend of BT’s pioneering legacy in trance and intelligent dance music with Nakamura’s rising influence in the melodic house scene. Incorporating elements of euphoric trance and big room, “Lifeforce” captures the essence of both artists’ styles, resonating with listeners on a profound level.

Inspired by Japanese concepts such as Ikigai, the track explores the beauty and strength of life, reflecting the shared values and creative vision of BT and Nakamura. Through their music, they aim to evoke introspection and connection, inviting listeners to contemplate their own life force and purpose.

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As they continue to collaborate and perform individually, fans can anticipate more magical compositions and electrifying live shows from both BT and Nakamura. Whether it’s Nakamura captivating audiences at Ora Nightclub in Seattle or BT igniting the stage at Webster Hall alongside Paul Oakenfold, their music promises to inspire and uplift audiences around the world.

BT & Shingo Nakamura
BT & Shingo Nakamura – Taken in BT’s home studio

“Lifeforce” serves as a testament to the power of collaboration and the universal language of music, transcending boundaries and uniting listeners across cultures and continents. With its infectious melodies and uplifting energy, the track leaves a lasting impression, cementing BT and Nakamura’s place as trailblazers in the electronic music landscape.

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