Kanye West against Adidas: “You’re selling fake Yeezys and not paying me: you’re abusing me”

A new dispute is underway between the rapper and the brand, which is accused of putting on the market a pair of shoes not approved by Ye: "You're using your expertise to cheat me and you even sued me for $250 million."

A new episode is added to the long and troubled history between Kanye West and Adidas. After their lucrative collaboration ended in 2022 due to the rapper’s anti-Semitic remarks, this time it’s Ye accusing the brand of selling fake Yeezy 350s.

Kanye’s attack came with a video posted on his social media where the artist wanted to clarify: “Let me explain what’s happening with Adidas. Not only have they put on sale a fake model with colors that haven’t been approved, but they’re also suing me for $250 million without even paying me for these shoes they’re selling with my name on them.” And further: “They’re using clauses from the contract and 50 years of experience in this business to rape an artist, one of your favorite artists, in front of everyone and in broad daylight.”

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The video comes after a post in which Ye showcased the new Yeezy 350s with the caption: “People who love Ye would never buy these fake Yeezys. I’ve never made shoes with these colors, I’m not getting paid, and Adidas is suing me. All unauthorized 350 models are so mundane.”

Just a few days ago, Kanye had posted a photo with Adidas CEO Bjørn Gulden (in which the rapper was wearing Nike) with the caption: “Make Adidas Great Again.”

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