Justice Redefines the Art of Electronic Seduction with “Generator”

Exploring the Boundaries of Humanity and Technology in Their Provocative New Music Video

Iconic French electronic duo Justice is back in the spotlight with their latest release, a tantalizing music video for “Generator” from their highly anticipated upcoming album, Hyperdrama. Scheduled for release on April 26th via Ed Banger Records / Because Music, Hyperdrama promises to be a groundbreaking addition to Justice’s discography.

The music video for “Generator” blurs the lines between humanity and mechanics, presenting a provocative narrative of a sexual encounter between two humanoid robots. This visual spectacle serves as a fitting complement to the track’s fusion of disco and hardcore techno elements. As the robotic protagonists shed their artificial skins and reveal their inner mechanics, Justice and director Léa Ceheivi delve into the complexities of sexuality in an era dominated by technology.

“I think we were excited about the idea of replicating a phenomenon from the 2000s, such as a sextape, but with a twist. The rough aesthetic of it, the lack of control. So yes, in our world, AI robots can also have sex, and orgasm ‘la petite mort,'” shares Ceheivi, shedding light on the creative process behind the video.

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“Generator” and its companion single, “One Night/All Night (starring Tame Impala),” were unveiled last month alongside the announcement of Hyperdrama, marking Justice’s first venture into new material in eight years. “One Night/All Night” has already made waves, dominating the charts and showcasing fans’ eager anticipation for Justice’s return. The track soared to #1 on KCRW for two consecutive weeks and secured the #8 spot on Spotify’s Top Song Debut US chart.

Justice’s resurgence extends beyond the studio, with the duo slated to headline this year’s Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. This performance will serve as the debut showcase for their yet-to-be-revealed new live show, adding to the anticipation surrounding their return. In addition to Coachella, Justice has a busy festival schedule lined up, with more tour dates to be announced soon.

With their bold artistic vision and boundary-pushing creativity, Justice continues to push the envelope of electronic music, solidifying their status as pioneers in the genre. As fans eagerly await the arrival of Hyperdrama, the duo’s latest offerings promise to captivate audiences and cement their place in music history.

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