Justice’s Electrifying Return: Announce New Album & Share Two New Songs #Listen

Teir first album in eight years "Hyperdrama" coming on April 26

Justice, the renowned French electronic music duo comprising Xavier de Rosnay and Gaspard Augé, has unveiled their upcoming album titled “Hyperdrama.” This highly anticipated LP, marking their first release in almost eight years, is set to drop on April 26, presented by Ed Banger/Because Music. Alongside this announcement, Justice has treated fans to a glimpse of their musical evolution by releasing two tracks from the album: “One Night/All Night,” featuring Tame Impala, and “Generator.”

The accompanying music video for “One Night/All Night,” directed by Anton Tammi, offers a visually immersive experience. Anton Tammi shared insights into the creative process, envisioning the music video as a surreal journey within the cross, resembling rave lighting inside human lungs with strobe lights encircling a human heart.

Justice expressed their vision for “One Night/All Night,” describing it as a fusion of dark techno vibes from Justice discovering a sample of Kevin Parker’s disco iteration. They praised Kevin Parker’s unique sense of melody, emphasizing the song’s oscillation between pure electronic and disco elements. This dynamic genre-switching theme is a central motif throughout the entire “Hyperdrama” record.

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Regarding “Generator,” Justice drew inspiration from the Salsoul Orchestra’s “Getaway,” infusing it with elements of gabber and classic ’90s hardcore techno sounds. The duo highlighted their commitment to merging disco, funk, and electronic music, showcasing a deliberate clash rather than a peaceful coexistence. This tension is a recurring theme, with Justice stating their preference for these elements to “fight a bit for attention” in the album.

Justice’s previous album, “Woman,” released in 2016, was succeeded by a live album titled “Woman Worldwide.” Fans can look forward to their live performance at Coachella in April, adding to the excitement surrounding the imminent release of “Hyperdrama.”

Hear both songs below.

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