Jennie Breaks Free! The Real Reason BLACKPINK’s Star Launched Her Own Label Revealed: ‘I Craved More Freedom!’

Behind the Scenes of K-pop Royalty's Bold Move - Jennie Spills on Freedom, Creativity, and the Uncharted Path Ahead!

Jennie, the acclaimed South Korean singer from the globally renowned K-pop ensemble BLACKPINK, has unveiled the driving forces behind her decision to establish her very own record label.

In a groundbreaking revelation in December 2023, Jennie excitedly shared the news of launching Odd Atelier, her independent label marking the initiation of her anticipated “solo journey in 2024.” Following this revelation, YG Entertainment confirmed that Jennie and her fellow BLACKPINK members had chosen not to renew their individual contracts with the agency.

This week, Jennie took center stage at the KBS Hall in Seoul, South Korea, recording an episode for the fourth season of The Seasons, under the new host Lee Hyo-ri.

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During a candid conversation with Lee Hyo-ri, Jennie articulated her decision, explaining that while the management of BLACKPINK’s group activities would persist under the familiar agency she had collaborated with for the past seven years, her establishment of an independent company was motivated by the desire for “more freedom and ease for my solo activities,” as reported by SBS Star.

Joined by her steadfast crew, Jennie articulated her aspirations to embark on future endeavors without creative constraints. She shared, “The name reflects my aspiration to excel in my upcoming works, even if the path I choose is unconventional or distinctive.”

Reflecting on her formative years at YG Entertainment, Jennie acknowledged the valuable lessons learned but expressed her yearning to “be courageous and embrace a new challenge” by venturing into independent territory. Describing the experience of sharing this pivotal decision with the world as surreal, she conveyed her excitement for the journey ahead.

Regarding the future trajectory of her label, Jennie expressed openness to the prospect of signing other artists, deeming it an “intriguing” possibility. However, she underscored that the current focal point of the company remains dedicated to nurturing her solo ventures.

In December 2023, YG Entertainment officially announced the continuation of BLACKPINK’s collaboration, signifying the quartet’s commitment through an exclusive contract for group activities, a decision rooted in “strong trust after careful discussions.”

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