RIP Angelo Bruschini! The guitarist of Massive Attack has passed away

At the Age of 62

Angelo Bruschini, the accomplished guitarist celebrated for his significant contributions to the renowned electronic music group, Massive Attack, has sadly passed away at the age of 62. His battle with a rare form of lung cancer, pleomorphic carcinoma, ended on October 23rd, as confirmed by his wife.

The music world mourns the loss of this exceptional talent, and Massive Attack conveyed their profound grief through a heartfelt message on social media. They reflected on the privilege of having shared a life with Bruschini, describing him as a brilliant and uniquely eccentric artist whose contributions defied quantification.

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Bruschini’s influence on the signature sound of Massive Attack, pioneers of the trip-hop genre, was pivotal. His creative imprint can be clearly heard on their groundbreaking 1998 album, ‘Mezzanine,’ serving as a testament to his extraordinary musical prowess. Additionally, he was a frequent presence on the band’s extensive tours, further solidifying his integral role within the group.

Earlier this summer, Angelo Bruschini displayed great courage when he disclosed his battle with lung cancer, a personal revelation he shared candidly on his Facebook page in July. In his poignant post, he looked back on a life filled with remarkable experiences, from traveling the world to meeting a host of wonderful people. As he faced the inevitable closing of a chapter, he contemplated the idea of writing a book, marking a moment of deep reflection.

Prior to his tenure with Massive Attack, Bruschini was a dedicated member of the Bristol rock band, the Blue Aeroplanes. He had spent the better part of a decade recording and performing with the band following the release of ‘Tolerance’ in 1985. In 1997, he made the significant transition to join his fellow Bristolians in Massive Attack.

Angelo Bruschini’s legacy endures through his significant contributions to Massive Attack’s music. He left an indelible mark on the iconic 1998 LP ‘Mezzanine’ and also returned to the studio to collaborate on their 2003 release, ‘100th Window.’ Moreover, he frequently graced the stage with the band as a supporting guitarist, enriching their live performances with his exceptional talents.

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