Hugel Drops Explosive New Single ‘Chakachaka’ with Tom Enzy, Nfasis, and Damien N-Drix

The French DJ-Producer Returns with a Latin House Hit for the Dancefloor

Hugel has released a new single titled “Chakachaka,” featuring collaborations with Tom Enzy, Nfasis, and Damien N-Drix. This latest track continues to showcase Hugel’s presence in the music industry and his ability to produce captivating music in the house genre.

After the international success of Marianela, the extraordinary French DJ and producer is back with a new explosive single in collaboration with Tom Enzy, Nfasis, and Damien N-Drix. It’s titled ‘Chakachaka’ and is already available on all digital streaming platforms.

Listen to ‘Chakachaka’ here.

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Here are some interesting facts about Hugel:

Impressive Streaming Numbers: Hugel has achieved over 1 billion total streams of his music. This showcases his significant popularity and reach in the music industry.

Gold and Platinum Records: He has earned numerous gold and platinum records, which are a testament to his success and the recognition of his talent.

Unique Musical Style: Hugel is known for his unique musical style, with a strong focus on the Latin house subgenre. This distinctive sound has helped him stand out in the crowded electronic music scene.

Hit Single “Morenita”: His track “Morenita” has become one of the most played songs on Italian and Spanish radio stations. It has also received support from prominent artists like Diplo, FISHER, Vintage Culture, and John Summit. “Morenita” continues to be a must-play in DJ sets worldwide, from Tulum to Mykonos, Miami to St. Tropez.

Consistent Latin House Vibe: Hugel’s subsequent singles, including “Aguila” and “El Sueno,” have maintained his infectious “Latin Housestyle,” further solidifying his presence in the Latin house music scene.

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Notable Tracks: Some of Hugel’s other notable tracks include “Bella Ciao,” “WTF,” “Tra Tra,” “Tamo Loco,” “KLK,” “Pa Lante,” “Bololo,” and “La Candela Viva,” which he created in collaboration with artists like Jude & Frank and Twolate.

Hugel’s combination of talent, unique style, and chart-topping hits has cemented his status as a beloved DJ-producer in the house music world, especially within the Latin house subgenre.

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