HEDEGAARD, CANCUN? and Matt Hawk, Join Forces on “OneHundred” Single

The Pulsating Fusion of Car Music Mastery

Danish artists HEDEGAARD, Matt Hawk, and Bronx-raised CANCUN? (but also based out of Denmark) team up for their new track “OneHundred,” a perfect representation of their signature genre – “car music,” out now on HEDEGAARD’s label of the same name – OneHundred, operating under mighty Spinnin’ Records.

As the forerunners of the “car music” movement, the three artists expertly blend electronic and rap/hip hop at around 100 BPM (lending both the track and its corresponding label their names) to make for the perfectly suitable music to – you guessed it – being played at max volume on your car stereo, getting you pumped up for your workout, as well as setting the mood perfectly in your favorite nightclub during the weekend.

“OneHundred” packs a multifaceted punch with its ominous background chorals, rap vocals, and a deep bassline. The new single is accompanied by the label’s “Car Music Vol. 1” compilation, which features some of earlier “car music” bangers such as HEDEGAARD’s previous “INFERNO” and “Ratchets,” Matt Hawk’s “GANG GANG” and CANCUN? ‘s “Jiggy,” to name a few, showcasing what “car music” is about.

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“For me, the perfect cocktail is when friendship and music meet in a song. Our styles as individual artists are very close, so it was a smooth ride working together on ‘OneHundred.'” – HEDEGAARD

“Making ‘OneHundred’ made me feel charged in every cell. That beat moves forward like hell on wheels, and the sound captures the very essence and enormous power of this unique group of people. OneHundred is a lot more than just a title or a label’s name; It has become an unstoppable movement that I am incredibly proud to be part of. Creating the song with HEDEGAARD and Matt Hawk in the studio felt like we were making a movie. The energy jumping from their fingers on a piano, creating the haunting chords and choir chops blasting out of the speakers, made my job easy, doing the topline. In every aspect of the song, it felt like we were elevating each other through sonic power.” – CANCUN?

“It is a huge privilege to create music with such amazing artists — and great friends at the same time. Our minds are so aligned in our style of music, and we complement each other so well that everything comes together very easily.” – Matt Hawk

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