Harmonious Remix: Sultan + Shepard’s Take on ‘I Will Leave A Light On

From Surprising Twists to Melodic Mastery, Exploring the Magic of the Duo's Rework

Just when you thought “I Will Leave A Light On” couldn’t get any more mind-blowing, our favorite duo, Sultan + Shepard, has delivered a surprising remix. Their signature sound, with a slightly different pace, takes the melodic tune to new heights, lifting you from your seat with a sound you didn’t even know you needed. The pace and beats in this remix are refreshingly unique compared to the original, and Jyll’s vocals tug at your heartstrings like no other.

Sultan + Shepard’s reimagining of Le Youth & Lane 8’s sound operates on the same frequency but with their distinctive touch. It’s difficult to put into words the profound appreciation we have for this duo’s music; they never fail to make our hearts skip a beat with their sound. The remix’s final minute is an extended version, taking us on a mesmerizing journey with Sultan + Shepard’s inimitable tune.

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But that’s not all; it’s only been a month since “About Us” arrived, and its remixes are already in the works. Back in August, Le Youth teamed up with the This Never Happened boss, as well as Jyll, for what may very well be Dancing Astronaut’s 2023 Track of the Year when all is said and done. Now, as Le Youth’s sophomore album tour is in full swing, he has once again joined forces with Sultan + Shepard, with whom he previously collaborated a couple of times on “Reminders,” to entrust the duo with a fresh take on “I Will Leave A Light On.”

Sultan + Shepard, who earlier in the year released an album on Lane 8’s label, showcase their expertise on this remix, offering their own melodic house spin that enhances the allure of this fan-favorite track from 2023. While we can only hope for an eventual proper collaboration between Sultan + Shepard, Lane 8, and Le Youth, you can experience the magic of Sultan + Shepard’s rework by streaming it below.

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