Eric Prydz Announce Spectacular New Show [CELL] for Hi Ibiza Residency!

Prepare for a Mind-Blowing Audio-Visual Odyssey Unlike Any Other!

Get ready to elevate your summer nights on the dance floor because Eric Prydz just dropped a bombshell announcement! The progressive maestro is set to dazzle audiences with his groundbreaking new live show, aptly named [CELL], during his residency at Hi Ibiza this summer. Mark your calendars because the extravaganza kicks off on June 24 and runs through September 9th.

For those who’ve been following Eric’s journey, [CELL] might ring a bell. Originally introduced in digital form during Tomorrowland’s Around The World event in 2020, this mesmerizing concept quickly became a staple of Prydz’s performances, whether it was a HOLO show or not.

Digging deeper into the roots of [CELL], it seems the initial spark of this mind-bending experience might have ignited at Creamfields 2019 under the name VOID. The concept then evolved into the mesmerizing visuals of [CELL], showcased digitally in 2020, before seamlessly integrating into Prydz’s HOLO shows thereafter.

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Always at the forefront of audio-visual innovation, the Platinum-selling artist has meticulously crafted [CELL] to deliver an unparalleled multi-sensory journey. Tailored specifically for the expansive Theatre of Hï Ibiza, this brand-new event promises to be an electrifying addition to the island’s nightlife scene.

Shrouded in secrecy, [CELL] beckons you to witness its splendor firsthand, plunging you into the avant-garde universe of Eric Prydz. With an epic soundtrack and awe-inspiring stage production, [CELL] is poised to set a new standard for nightlife innovation. Is this the dawn of a new era in Eric Prydz’s live performances? Only time will tell!

Don’t miss out on this exhilarating adventure into the unknown – [CELL] awaits, ready to captivate and astound you like never before. Get ready to experience the future of live entertainment with Eric Prydz at Hi Ibiza!

You can purchase tickets to [CELL] on Hï Ibiza’s official website.

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