Empire of the Sun Illuminates with “Changes”

The Empire Of The Sun released their brand new single "Changes"!

After an eight-year hiatus, Empire of the Sun graces the music scene once more with their euphoric single, “Changes.” This electrifying track marks a triumphant return for the iconic electropop duo, enveloping listeners in ecstatic soundscapes and dreamlike vocals.

With “Changes,” Empire of the Sun embarks on a new sonic journey while staying true to their signature style. Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore lead the way, inviting fans to delve into a captivating narrative that unfolds through enchanting melodies and mesmerizing beats.

“Changes” serves as a beacon of rebirth and transformation, symbolizing the ever-shifting sands of time. Luke Steele reflects, “‘Changes’ was a breakthrough track for us. It felt like the moment of clarity when it became evident we were in the new era, our time of rebirth, the next chapter of Empire.”

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Accompanying the single is a visually stunning music video directed by acclaimed filmmaker Michael Maxxis. Shot over three weeks in Thailand, the video captures the essence of the song’s exploration and evolution.

As Empire of the Sun reignites their creative spark, “Changes” promises to captivate audiences old and new, setting the stage for an exhilarating era of musical discovery.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Empire of the Sun and experience the transformative power of “Changes.” Watch the music video on top and embark on a journey of sonic enlightenment.

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