Empire of the Sun Announces New Album: Ask That God and New Song

Electronic Duo Returns After Eight Years with a Surreal Musical Adventure

Empire of the Sun is officially returning after eight years with their much-anticipated album, Ask That God. Set for release on July 26 via Capitol, this new LP follows their 2016 album, Two Vines.

Ask That God is described as “a holistic musical adventure where imagination and reality blur and the surreal reigns supreme.” Nick Littlemore reflects on the creative journey, stating, “It has been a journey unlike any other that Empire of the Sun has undertaken. We always ‘go there’ when it comes to exploration of both the self and the outside world. This body of work represents the greatest shift in consciousness our world has ever seen and that’s reflected in the music.” Luke Steele adds, “Ask That God is an album we searched for and were thankfully blessed with. We are nothing more than conduits, gathering experience and finding what is meant for the Empire to find.”

The album includes the April single “Changes” and the recently released “Music on the Radio,” both accompanied by visually captivating music videos directed by Michael Maxxis. Steele describes “Music on the Radio” as a song that “is like a teenager rebelling against his imaginary emotions. It’s penned in only that unique way Lord Littlemore can bring words to life. The bass wraps its arms around you in some kind of hypnotic groove and you’re powerless to its charms.”

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Watch the new video for “Music on the Radio” on top and prepare for Ask That God when it releases on July 26.

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