Dynamic Duo: BIBI and Becky G Set the Stage Ablaze with ‘Amigos’

A Multilingual Fiesta of Sound and Visuals as K-Pop Meets Latin Pop in a Sensational Collaboration

South Korean sensation BIBI and Latin pop sensation Becky G have joined forces to release a vibrant new single titled ‘Amigos.’

In the music video for ‘Amigos’, the dynamic duo embarks on a journey to a lively house party, basking by the pool and delivering sultry vocals to the mesmerizing track. As the sun sets, they escalate the celebration with a bonfire, indulging in dance and creating captivating figure-eights behind the wheel.

The bilingual nature of the song is highlighted, with Becky G starting off singing in Spanish, seamlessly transitioning to BIBI joining in with her native Korean. The collaboration reaches its peak as they effortlessly blend Spanish and English, crooning, “I know we had a good time / And you always want more / But if my boyfriend calls me / We’re just friends, nothing more“, on the catchy chorus.

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‘Amigos’ marks Becky G’s second K-pop collaboration following the release of ‘Chicken Noodle Soup’ with BTS’ J-Hope in 2019.

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