Dua Lipa Unveils Electrifying ‘Houdini’ Remix: A Pop Masterclass

Discover the Extended Edit with a New Verse, Teasing Dua's Upcoming Album from London's 5DB Studios


Today, global pop sensation Dua Lipa dropped an extended version of her latest hit, “Houdini,” featuring a new verse revealed in her Rolling Stone interview. The release, showcasing a dreamy club mix, preceded her upcoming album teased during the interview at London’s 5DB Studios.

Dua expressed, “While working on ‘Houdini,’ we envisioned a clubby, house mix of the already perfect track for an intense night out. The new third verse elevates it to another level. It’s an early gift for fans before the holidays!

Written by Lipa, Caroline Ailin, Danny L. Harle, Tobias Jesso Jr., and Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker, the song quickly soared to the top of UK charts, marking Dua’s 11th #1. The music video claimed the global YouTube #1 spot in its debut week, amassing the most streams worldwide on day one and week one. “Houdini” earned acclaim from critics, with Rolling Stone and Billboard hailing it as “an immediate explosion” and Pitchfork and Vogue dubbing it “a pop masterclass.” This follows Dua’s Grammy-nominated summer hit, “Dance The Night,” from the ‘Barbie’ movie.

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Listen to the Extended Edit here.

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