Dua Lipa Faces the Tough Choice of Ranking Her Musical ‘Children

The Struggle of an Artist Deciding Among Hits on BigTop40 Radio Show

Asking a mother to choose between her own children is a cruel game. But apparently, the same can be said for asking an artist to choose among their best songs. ‘This game is not fun,’ comments Dua Lipa, a guest on BigTop40, the English radio program hosted by Will Manning, during the selection of her favorite songs from her discography.

Called upon to rank her ‘children’—the term the singer herself uses to refer to her first successful single, “Be The One”—Dua Lipa struggled to find a balance. In the running were “New Rules,” “Levitating,” “Physical,” “Hotter Than Hell,” and “Be The One.” Not present, however, was the new single “Houdini“. This is the Top 5 chosen by Dua Lipa:

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