Dua Lipa describes Britpop bands as hateful. Liam Gallagher responds: “Jealous”

It could only end like this.

Liam Gallagher responded to a comment from Dua Lipa about Britpop bands. In an interview with Rolling Stone,  the “Houdini” singer recently discussed the musical influences of her upcoming album, including bands like Blur and Oasis. She added a personal touch to it, though.

In the interview, Dua hinted that the new album would channel the “I don’t care” attitude of Oasis and Blur. The interviewer mentioned that Noel Gallagher and Damon Albarn hadn’t been very kind to female artists in the past. Dua responded that, although she hadn’t met them personally, “sometimes you have to separate the art from the person.”

“I’m connected to the musical element. The way they behaved, the things they did, are definitely hateful. That’s their way,” she added. “If they hadn’t been like that, they would have been seen as boring, and I think that’s a terrible way to see things,” she continued.

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On Twitter, the former Oasis frontman Liam was inevitably asked about it. His concise response was, “She’s just jealous.”

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