David Guetta and MORTEN Drop Two Blazing Hot Tracks: “The Future Is Now” and “The Truth”!

Hot new tracks that will electrify you!

Get ready to ignite the dance floor because David Guetta and MORTEN are back with a bang, delivering not one, but two electrifying new records – “The Future Is Now” and “The Truth“. These tracks exemplify their groundbreaking “Future Rave” movement, showcasing a fusion of high-energy beats and underground vibes.

Known for their innovative blend of sounds, Guetta and MORTEN’s “Future Rave” creations have been dominating festivals, capturing the hearts of both seasoned ravers and newcomers. “The Future Is Now” takes a melodic approach, blending punchy chords, arpeggiated drops, and a driving techno beat, topped with haunting spoken-word vocals for that gritty underground club vibe.

On the flip side, “The Truth” dives deeper into their mission to captivate today’s dance crowds, combining robust bass chords, heavy techno beats, spacious sound effects, and a hypnotic, vocally driven breakdown. These tracks are guaranteed to keep the energy high on any dance floor!

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But that’s not all – David Guetta and MORTEN are set to make waves in 2024 with their epic “Future Rave” residency at the legendary Hï Ibiza super-nightclub. Get ready for a season-long journey down the rabbit hole with these visionary artists. Stay tuned for official residency dates, exciting guest artists, and more new music from the pioneers of “Future Rave” coming your way soon.

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