Bruce Springsteen pays tribute to his mother Adele, who has died

A Heartfelt Farewell to a Mother, Mentor, and Dancing Companion – Bruce Springsteen Remembers the Timeless Bond with Adele in 'The Wish

In a heartfelt tribute, Bruce Springsteen announced the passing of his mother, Adele Ann Springsteen, aged 98, via social media. He shared a poignant video clip featuring moments of shared joy and a dance with Adele, set to Glenn Miller’s 1939 classic, ‘In The Mood’. The post also included lyrics from his song, ‘The Wish,’ reminiscing about his early days and the unique bond with his mother.

Adele, born Adele Zerilli in 1925, battled Alzheimer’s Disease for over a decade, a struggle Bruce revealed in 2021. Despite the challenges, Bruce noted that Adele still recognized him, creating a profound connection that transcended the limitations of the disease.

The post reflected on Adele’s significant role in Springsteen’s life, from being the primary breadwinner, working as a secretary, to her love for dancing, which they shared at various events, including Springsteen’s shows. Adele’s love for dance and music, especially the big bands and swing music of the ’40s, remained a constant even as her health declined.

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Bruce expressed his enduring love and admiration for his mother, capturing the essence of their relationship. The post highlighted Adele’s pivotal role in Springsteen’s upbringing, emphasizing her support for his musical journey and the memorable moments they cherished together.

Adele Springsteen’s legacy lives on through her three children, daughter-in-law Patti Scialfa, son-in-laws Bob Roth and Michael Shave, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, as well as an extended family of relatives.

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