Blackpink’s Lisa Introducing LLOUD Management Company

Breaking Boundaries and Redefining Genres in the World of Music

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa isn’t just setting trends; she’s creating them. On February 8, Lisa shook the music industry once again with the launch of her very own artist management company, LLOUD.

Taking to her Instagram account, which boasts a staggering 100 million followers, Lisa introduced LLOUD as “a platform to showcase my vision in music and entertainment.” Clad in a sharp black suit and tie, adorned with bold rings and a colorful French manicure, Lisa invited fans to join her on this exhilarating journey to break new boundaries together.

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At the heart of LLOUD lies a commitment to innovation and authenticity. The company’s mission is to transcend genres and connect generations, crafting chart-topping and genre-defying music that resonates with audiences worldwide.

Lisa’s career trajectory exemplifies the ethos of LLOUD. From breaking records with BLACKPINK to achieving solo success with chart-topping hits like “Lalisa” and “SG,” Lisa has consistently pushed the envelope in the music industry.

As Lisa embarks on this new chapter with LLOUD, we can expect nothing short of groundbreaking creativity and boundary-pushing innovation. Embrace the beginning of the LLOUD era with us, as Lisa makes noise and leaves her mark on the world of music.

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