Armin van Buuren and Jean-Michel Jarre Unite for Electrifying ‘EPICA MAXIMA’ Collaboration

Electronic Music Icons Reimagine 'EPICA' in a Fusion of Sound and Creativity

Electronic music heavyweights Armin van Buuren and Jean-Michel Jarre have once again come together to create a sonic masterpiece, and it’s a reinterpretation of Jarre’s 2022 track ‘EPICA.’
This electrifying collaboration, aptly titled ‘EPICA MAXIMA,’ is part of Jarre’s latest project, ‘OXYMOREWORKS,’ which is a collaborative reworking of his most recent album. This project features contributions from notable artists like Martin Gore, Brian Eno, and more, making it a must-listen for electronic music enthusiasts.

Jarre expressed his excitement about working with Armin on ‘EPICA MAXIMA,’ stating, “Armin is one of the rare artists and producers of electronic music who carries his own instantly recognizable style and sound. On top of that, Armin is a wonderful human being and a great friend. I am thrilled to collaborate with him once again on this track.”

Armin, equally enthusiastic about the collaboration, spoke highly of Jarre, saying, “Jean-Michel Jarre is one of the most important figures in the history of electronic music. He introduced electronic sounds to a vast audience and delivered legendary concerts. All of his albums were a big part of my childhood, and I remember my father listening to ‘Zoolook,’ ‘Oxygène,’ ‘The Concerts In China,’ and many more.”

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Their previous collaboration, ‘Stardust,’ from Jarre’s 2015 album ‘Electronica 1: The Time Machine,’ received widespread acclaim and remains a significant milestone in their artistic partnership.

In addition to ‘EPICA MAXIMA,’ Armin has been keeping the electronic music scene buzzing with his latest release, a single titled ‘God Is In The Soundwaves,’ featuring Xoro and Yola.

This latest collaboration between Armin van Buuren and Jean-Michel Jarre promises to be a sonic journey that fuses their distinct styles into a mesmerizing musical experience. It’s a testament to their enduring impact on the electronic music genre and a treat for fans around the world. So, tune in and immerse yourself in ‘EPICA MAXIMA’ to witness the magic of these two electronic music legends at work.

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