A. G. Cook Releases New Single ‘Soulbreaker’

A Journey into the Multifaceted World of Music with Pop Pioneer A. G. Cook

A. G. Cook release new single ‘Soulbreaker’ – the third track taken from his highly anticipated album Britpop.

Soulbreaker’ will feature on A. G. Cook’s forthcoming third studio album Britpop and follows previous singles ‘Silver Thread Golden Needle’ and title track ‘Britpop’.

​​A three-part, 24-song odyssey through Cook’s weird, wonderful, and wildly eclectic sonic universe, Britpop spans the full breadth of his agenda-setting, genre-bending vision of pop. It’s an approach that begins with the record’s separation into three distinct chapters: Past, Present, and Future. Disc one, Past, consists mainly of Cook’s signature electronic style while disc two, Present, showcases the aspects of Cook’s songwriting instincts that veer most closely to that of Britpop in the traditional sense. Finally, on disc three, Cook jets off into the future – or at least, his own distinctive understanding of what the future of music really means.

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‘Soulbreaker’ follows three weeks of A. G. Cook’s WWW; WitchforkWandcamp and Wheatport. A web of alternate reality takes on already existing music websites, their formats referenced their namesakes while existing in a world that incorporated Britpop lore and mythic fantasy.

A. G. Cook’s new album Britpop is released on Friday 10th May via New Alias. Cook has finally unveiled the full tracklist for the record, which can be found below.

His finest work to date – and further instilling Cook’s mastery at blurring the lines between mainstream and experimental music – Britpop will act as a nod to both British and broader pop culture as opportunities for exploration and subversion, whilst maintaining an unshakable sense of identity.

A. G. Cook is a cultural trailblazer. A ground-breaking artist, producer and label founder Cook has reshaped the landscape of pop music over the past decade. Known for his wild experimentation and innovative production, his vast influence is unquestionable having shattered the traditional standards of genre and left a lasting mark on the fabric of the music industry.

Britpop Tracklist

Disc 1 – Past

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  1. Silver Thread Golden Needle
  2. Britpop
  3. You Know Me
  4. Prismatic
  5. Crescent Sun
  6. Heartache
  7. Television
  8. Luddite Factory Operator

Disc 2 – Present

  1. Serenade
  2. Nice To Meet You
  3. The Weave
  4. Green Man
  5. Crone
  6. Greatly
  7. Bewitched
  8. Without

Disc 3 – Future

  1. Soulbreaker
  2. Lucifer
  3. Emerald
  4. Butterfly Craft
  5. Equine
  6. WWW
  7. Pink Mask
  8. Out of Time

A. G. Cook 2024 Live Dates

Wed 17/04/24 – London, UK – The Underworld

Thu 18/04/24 – London, UK – The Underworld – Sold Out

Thu 02/05/24 – New York, NY – Trans-Pecos – Sold Out

Fri 03/05/24 – New York, NY – Trans-Pecos – Sold Out

Sat 04/05/24 – New York, NY – Trans-Pecos – Sold Out

Thu 30/05/24 – Barcelona, ES – Primavera Festival

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