Wiwek Unleashes “Rush” on Rave Culture: The Ultimate Jungle Terror Experience

The Jungle Terror Pioneer Returns with a Sinister Track Set to Dominate Festivals and Clubs

Jungle terror frontrunner and super-producer Wiwek is back on W&W’s Rave Culture label with the official release of his new sinister track “Rush.” This highly anticipated track, previously mixed as an ID in his sets, showcases Wiwek’s signature genre, jungle terror, with stabbing basslines, percussive synths, and hip-hop style vocals that add a party-ready emphasis. “Rush” is set to be a hit at festivals and clubs this summer, following the release of Wiwek’s “Jungle Terror vol. 5” EP on Yellow Claw’s Barong Family last month, celebrating the EP series’ 10-year anniversary.

Wiwek shares his excitement:

“I’m happy to return to Rave Culture with a song I made for the dance floors. It’s been a really cool tune for my sets over the past years, and I’m happy to put it out now for the masses. I can’t believe it’s already my 8th release on the label of W&W and for sure won’t be my last.”

Wiwek isn’t just a DJ; he’s a genre pioneer, carving out his own sonic space with jungle terror—a wild fusion of electronic madness, tribal percussion, and animalistic energy. With a track record that includes collaborations with Skrillex on anthems like “Killa” and creating his own label, Maha Vana Records, Wiwek is a true rebel with a cause. Fresh off his debut album “Cycles,” he’s ready to push boundaries and ignite dance floors with new music and exciting projects. Wiwek is also the mastermind behind “The Free and Rebellious” EP, the soundtrack to a film shot in Bangkok, blending music and storytelling. With a constant stream of new music and projects, 2024 promises to be another explosive year for Wiwek.

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