Mastering Interpersonal Connection: Three Psychological Keys to Closer Relationships

Discover the Power of Openness, Eye Contact, and Gratitude for Stronger Bonds

The “Business Insider” published the three ways psychology agrees that you can get one step closer to what you want.

Be open

Revealing details about your life—even those you’re not particularly proud of—can increase the other person’s interest in you. A Harvard University study revealed that 79% of participants preferred to date someone who talks about themselves and is not afraid to admit even some odd behavior, rather than someone who “hides” and keeps information about themselves.

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Look into each other’s eyes

According to social psychologist Zick Rubin, visual contact can lead to a strong relationship. Rubin studied 158 student couples back in the ’70s and concluded that the more they looked into each other’s eyes, the stronger the bond they developed. Additional, modern studies have also confirmed this claim.

Say thank you

Don’t forget to be polite. According to a study from the University of South Carolina, saying thank you can create feelings of familiarity and liking. However, feeling gratitude for an act of your partner was deemed more important than just mechanically uttering the words.

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