Navigating the Ups and Downs of Relationships

From the Joyful Beginnings to Recognizing Toxicity and Making the Tough Choices

When you start going on dates with someone, you are usually happy and a little anxious about whether everything will go well. Eventually, you go out more and more, and in the end, you become a couple. You feel comfortable with them, spend a lot of time together, trust them, and everything is going exceptionally well.

And then comes the moment when everything takes a turn.

You feel like you can no longer communicate, constantly argue, receive criticisms, are isolated from your friends, and much more. You try hard with them because you genuinely love them, but you see that it’s not working out.

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With a heavy heart, you make the decision to announce the “end.” It is very difficult for you, but it is the best solution after so many efforts you have made. And in the following gallery, you will understand exactly why you made the right decision and should no longer think about it.

You know that you gave it your all. “If you did everything and saw that there is no other solution, then you made the right decision,” says relationship expert Susan Winter.

You “lost” yourself. Many times, people forget who they are in a relationship and lose their identity. When you betray your values, needs, and goals, you sacrifice yourself.

They betrayed you. Lies, deception, even the violation of your privacy is betrayal. Your communication was toxic. Don’t forget that healthy dialogue is an essential component of a good relationship.

You realize that you were together for the wrong reasons. Many people enter relationships because they fear loneliness and often stay in a toxic relationship, enduring a lot and feeling bad in some cases.

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