Tomorrowland’s CORE Stage Unveiled in Tulum’s Jungle Wonderland

A Year in the Making, the Spectacular CORE Stage Promises a Global Tour of Nature-Integrated Splendor

In a symphony of nature and music, Tomorrowland‘s latest creation, the breathtaking CORE stage, unfolded its magical wings in the heart of Tulum’s lush jungle this past weekend. Crafted with meticulous precision by the festival’s visionary in-house creative team, the CORE stage represents a culmination of dreams and design, captivating the world with its grand premiere at the second edition of CORE Tulum on January 13th.

The journey of the CORE stage began over a year ago as a daring 3D design concept, initially perceived as an improbable fantasy. However, after its digital debut at Tomorrowland’s virtual festival, the festival’s creative team embarked on an ambitious quest to transform the abstract into the tangible. The result is a stage seamlessly integrated into the natural tapestry of Tulum, boasting a rocky structure adorned with water elements, standing tall at 17 meters and stretching wide at 30 meters.

The inaugural outing of CORE in Tulum featured electrifying performances by renowned artists such as Boys Noize, Diplo, Disclosure, HAAi, and Mind Against. The spectacle also introduced a bespoke audiovisual experience, perfectly tailored to the grandeur of the CORE stage. With a sonic focus on alternative house and techno music, the CORE stage promises to explore diverse subgenres, showcasing both established international acts and emerging talents.

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As the CORE stage continues to enchant Tulum until January 20th, Tomorrowland enthusiasts can anticipate a global spectacle. Designed for a touring experience, the stage features fully inflatable decorations and deconstructable fixtures neatly packed into a single container. While the CORE stage is officially confirmed for Tomorrowland’s flagship Belgian festival in 2024, a spokesperson teased “exciting news” on its imminent global journey.

Immerse yourself in the enchantment of the official press photos, unveiling the awe-inspiring CORE stage, and stay tuned as Tomorrowland’s visionary creation prepares to weave its magic across diverse continents and countries, seeking out unique locations harmoniously integrated into nature’s embrace.

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