Taylor Swift Releases New Album “The Tortured Poets Department” #Listen

Surprise! Is A Double Album

Just when you thought Taylor Swift couldn’t get any more prolific, she drops a double album bombshell. Following the heels of her 11th studio album, Taylor Swift took to social media to unveil a secret: ‘The Tortured Poets Department: The Anthology,’ a sprawling 31-track opus.

In a heartfelt message to fans, Swift revealed that the album is a collection of her most intimate and introspective works over the past two years. “I’d written so much tortured poetry and wanted to share it all with you,” she wrote. “Now the story isn’t mine anymore… it’s all yours.

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The surprise didn’t end there. Among the 15 additional tracks, Swift teased titles like ‘The Black Dog,’ ‘iamgonnagetyouback,’ and ‘The Albatross,’ promising a deep dive into the emotions and experiences that have shaped her recent creative journey.

But Swift didn’t navigate this sonic landscape alone. Collaborating with industry heavyweights like Post Malone and Florence and the Machine, ‘The Tortured Poets Department’ promises to be a tour de force of musical innovation and collaboration.

Behind the scenes, Swift enlisted a dream team of producers and musicians, including Jack Antonoff, Aaron Dessner, and Grammy-winning mixer Serban Ghenea. From the haunting melodies of “Fortnight” to the ethereal sounds of “Florida!!!,” each track is a testament to Swift’s unwavering commitment to her craft.

And the surprises keep coming. Swift announced that the music video for “Fortnight” is set to premiere soon, offering fans a visual feast to accompany the auditory journey of ‘The Tortured Poets Department.’

With the Eras Tour in full swing and a string of re-recorded albums under her belt, Taylor Swift shows no signs of slowing down. Whether she’s commanding the stage or pouring her soul into the studio, Swift continues to redefine the boundaries of artistry and creativity.

So, dive into ‘The Tortured Poets Department: The Anthology’ and immerse yourself in the raw emotion and unbridled passion of Taylor Swift’s latest musical masterpiece.

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Fortnight (feat Post Malone)
The Tortured Poets Department
My Boy Only Breaks His Favorite Toys
Down Bad


So Long, London
But Daddy I Love Him
Fresh Out the Slammer
Florida!!! (feat Florence + the Machine)


Guilty as Sin?
Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me?
I Can Fix Him (No Really I Can)


I Can Do It With a Broken Heart
The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived
The Alchemy
Clara Bow

Bonus Track: The Manuscript

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