Taylor Swift Conspiracy Theory: One in five Americans thinks the singer is part of a plot to re-elect Biden

A Look into the Political Allegations Surrounding the Pop Star

According to a survey by Monmouth University in New Jersey, about one in five Americans believes that Taylor Swift is part of a secret government operation to ensure Joe Biden’s victory in the next presidential elections.

It is one of many conspiracy theories circulating among conservatives and Trump supporters. Jesse Watters, a Fox News presenter and friend of Trump, suggests that the pop star could be a “psychological operation by the Pentagon” as well as “a cover for a secret political agenda.

Since Swift is dating Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, the team’s recent Super Bowl win is also believed to be part of this conspiracy, an idea that prompted Kelce to laugh during an interview: “You’re all crazy, every single one of you.

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According to the survey, about half of Americans have heard of the conspiracy, with 18% (almost one-fifth) believing it. Of this 18%, 71% identify as Republican or lean towards the Republican party, 83% plan to vote for Trump in November, and 73% are convinced that the 2020 elections were rigged.

Nevertheless, 68% of Americans support Swift giving a voting indication (which she has not yet provided). It’s not surprising that the percentage of Swift fans is higher among Democrats (33%) than among Republicans (24%). 35% of American women and 22% of American men consider themselves fans. They are particularly prevalent in the 35-55 age group (36%) and less so in the 18-34 age group (27%).

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