Tate McRae Takes the Saturday Night Live Stage by Storm with Jason Momoa

From 'Greedy' to 'Grave,' McRae Takes Center Stage in an Evening of Music, Laughter, and Roman Antics


Tate McRae, the rising star in the music industry, recently dazzled the Saturday Night Live audience with a captivating performance on the renowned stage. The episode, hosted by the charismatic Jason Momoa, featured McRae showcasing her singles “Greedy” and “Grave” in a memorable appearance. This event marked Momoa’s second time hosting SNL, the first being in December 2018 with musical guest Mumford & Sons.

The spotlight was on Tate McRae as she graced the Saturday Night Live stage with her exceptional talent. Performing her hits “Greedy” and “Grave,” McRae left an indelible mark on the audience, further solidifying her status as a noteworthy artist in the music industry. The performance was part of the promotion for her upcoming sophomore album, “Think Later,” set to release on December 8.

Tate McRae’s musical journey has been nothing short of remarkable. Following her full-length debut, “I Used To Think I Could Fly,” released in June 2022, McRae has consistently impressed with her unique sound and emotionally charged lyrics. Her single “Greedy,” released in September, served as a precursor to the album, offering fans a taste of what to expect.

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Saturday Night Live has been delivering diverse and entertaining episodes throughout the season. Jason Momoa’s return as a host added a layer of excitement to the show, and his chemistry with musical guest Tate McRae undoubtedly contributed to the episode’s success. Previous episodes this season featured a mix of talent, including Boygenius, Foo Fighters, Bad Bunny, and Ice Spice.

Aside from the musical performances, the episode featured a humorous musical sketch centered around the Roman Empire, showcasing the versatility of the SNL cast and guests. The comedic element blended seamlessly with McRae’s musical prowess, creating an episode that catered to a wide range of audience preferences.

Tate McRae’s appearance on Saturday Night Live, alongside the dynamic host Jason Momoa, was a night to remember. Her performances of “Greedy” and “Grave” not only highlighted her musical prowess but also built anticipation for her upcoming album, “Think Later.” As SNL continues to deliver engaging and diverse episodes, McRae’s contribution adds another chapter to the show’s storied history of memorable musical moments.

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