Jason Derulo and Michael Bublé released the music video for their unique “Spicy Margarita”!

A Fusion of Talent, Friendship, and Musical Mastery

When Jason Derulo and Michael Bublé teamed up for their latest hit, “Spicy Margarita,” magic ensued. The song captivated audiences from the moment it debuted in late January. In the music video released on April 8th, we’ll witness Bublé stepping into Derulo’s world and vice versa, showcasing their respective talents in vocals and dance.

The collaboration stemmed from a playful exchange between the two artists. Derulo initially asked Bublé to sing a Christmas song with him, to which Bublé jokingly responded with a resounding “No!” However, Bublé proposed the idea of merging their musical styles, leading to the creation of “Spicy Margarita.”

Both artists share a deep appreciation for each other’s music, with Bublé expressing admiration for Derulo’s talent and sound. The song, featuring samples from Pablo Beltrán’s classic “¿Quién será?” (“Sway”), sets the stage for Derulo’s upcoming album, “Nu King,” set to be released on February 16th. The album promises a diverse range of collaborations with renowned artists across various genres.

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Derulo is eagerly anticipating the album’s release, marking his first project in five years. He describes it as a heartfelt journey, making it particularly special for him. Prior to the album launch, Derulo and Bublé celebrated by setting a world record for the largest Spicy Margarita ever made, an event documented on their social media platforms.

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