Rihanna’s Comeback: World Tour and New Music on the Horizon

Superstar Secures Mega Deal and Plans Two Albums After Becoming a Mother

Is Rihanna preparing for her highly anticipated return to the music scene? After becoming a mother to two children, named RZA and Riot, with rapper A$AP Rocky, it seems that RiRi might bless us with a worldwide tour and (plenty of) new music in 2024. Here’s what we know.

A source has revealed to The Mirror that the superstar is quietly planning a significant comeback tour for 2024/2025 after securing a £32 million (almost 37 million euros) deal with Live Nation. Additionally, she has two albums of new material ready to release.

The insider stated: “Rihanna is quietly planning a comeback tour after signing with Live Nation. The deal was put together to facilitate a world tour, and her creative team is working diligently in Los Angeles to put it all together while she grows her family. She will hit the play button for concerts once she is ready to get back to work, and she will have material for two albums to release once she returns.”

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Rihanna’s last album, “ANTI,” dates back to 2016. So, could 2024 finally be the year for the arrival of her long-awaited new album, or even two new albums?

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