Post Malone Embraces Country Vibes with New Single “I Had Some Help”

Diving into New Musical Horizons with Morgan Wallen

Post Malone‘s musical journey takes an unexpected turn as he delves into the country music scene with his latest single, “I Had Some Help.” Teaming up with country superstar Morgan Wallen, Posty delivers a catchy country-pop tune that’s bound to dominate the airwaves this summer.

The song explores the complexities of a failing relationship, acknowledging the shared responsibility for its demise. With lyrics like, “It ain’t like I can make this kinda mess all by myself,” the duo captures the essence of heartbreak and mutual accountability.

Accompanied by a lively music video, the pair is seen enjoying a wild night at the karaoke bar, adding a touch of fun to the heartfelt track.

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“I Had Some Help” serves as a sneak peek into Post Malone’s upcoming country album, set to drop later this year. Following his Stagecoach debut where he wowed audiences with country covers alongside Brad Paisley, Sara Evans, and Dwight Yoakam, Posty is poised to make a splash in the country music scene.

Check out “I Had Some Help” and witness Post Malone’s seamless transition into the world of country music.

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