Pharrell has announced a film about his life made with Lego

The biopic, titled 'Piece By Piece,' is directed by Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker Morgan Neville and is set to hit theaters in the fall.

Pharrell is about to bring his life story to the big screen, but he’s taking a unique approach that sets it apart from the typical biopics we see. Instead of casting actors to portray himself, Chad Hugo, Clipse, Gwen Stefani, Snoop Dogg, and all the other essential figures in his story, Williams is bringing it to life using Lego bricks.

In a press release, Morgan Neville, the Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker behind works like “20 Feet From Stardom” and “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?,” directed Pharrell’s biopic titled “Piece By Piece,” set to be released in the fall. Pharrell, who shared the poster on Instagram, and Neville are also serving as producers for the film. Pharrell, with prior experience in the world of animation through his work on the “Despicable Me” soundtracks, is venturing into a unique storytelling medium.

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Five years ago, Pharrell Williams approached me with the idea of helping him tell his story through LEGO animation,” explains Neville. “It was one of those rare moments where I knew in an instant that this was the journey I wanted to take. I am grateful to Focus Features and the LEGO Group for believing in our crazy idea. We assembled an incredible team of creative collaborators to bring a new kind of film to life. I can’t wait for people to see it.

When I had this absurd vision of telling this story through LEGO bricks, I couldn’t have imagined a better partner than Morgan. He’s a legend,” Pharrell adds. “I’m grateful that Focus wanted to collaborate with us, and I’m honored to share it with the world and bring people into my universe. Building with LEGO bricks encourages us to follow our imagination… Who would have thought that playing with these toys as a child would turn into a film about my life? It’s proof that anyone can do it.

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