Mariah Carey’s Surprising Christmas Song Favorite Revealed

Beyond 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' Mariah Unveiling Her Unexpected Favorite Christmas Song

In a recent interview on The Jennifer Hudson Show (November 15), Mariah Carey shared her all-time favorite Christmas song, and it’s not her iconic ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You.

When asked by Hudson about her preferred yuletide tune, Carey surprised fans by choosing “The Christmas Song.” This classic, renowned for its timeless refrain of “chestnuts roasting on an open fire,” was penned in 1945 by Robert Wells and Mel Tormé. Nat ‘King’ Cole notably recorded the song multiple times, achieving great success with his rendition in 1961.

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Carey also discussed her favorite festive films during the interview, expressing her love for “Elf” and stating, “I like ‘Miracle on 34th Street,’ the original one,” referring to the 1947 version.

In a candid moment, Carey revealed, “I have to say, my favorite all-time Christmas song is Nat ‘King’ Cole’s version of ‘The Christmas Song.’ That’s my favorite.” This admission adds a delightful twist to the holiday season, showcasing the diverse musical tastes even of the Queen of Christmas herself.

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