Madonna: “My heart goes out to Israel”

Music World Responds to Tragic Supernova Festival Raid with Messages of Peace

The world of music is beginning to speak out about Hamas’ aggression against Israel. Yesterday, Bono and U2 altered the lyrics of “Pride (In the Name of Love)” to pay tribute to the victims of the raid at the Supernova music festival, which resulted in the deaths of at least 260 people and the abduction of Shani Louk, a tattoo artist with dual German and Israeli citizenship.

Madonna has also weighed in on the issue, sharing one of the many videos circulating about the attacks on her Instagram account. The post reads: “What is happening in Israel is devastating… watching all these families and especially children being crowded, attacked, and killed on the streets is heart-wrenching. Imagine if it happened to you.” She continued, “Conflicts cannot be resolved through violence. Unfortunately, humanity does not understand this universal truth. It never has. We live in a world devastated by hatred. My heart goes out to Israel. To the families and homes that have been destroyed. To the children who have been scattered. To the innocent victims who have been killed. To all those who suffer or will suffer because of this conflict. I am praying for you.”

“I am aware that this is the work of Hamas, and there are many innocent people in Palestine who do not support this terrorist organization. This tragic attack will only cause more suffering for everyone. Let’s all pray. For Israel. For Peace. For the world,” Madonna concluded.

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