Listen Zayn’s Latest Release: ‘Alienated’

A Sneak Peek from the Upcoming Album 'Room Under The Stairs'

Zayn releases his brand new single “Alienated” from his upcoming album “Room Under The Stairs“!

Zayn Malik’s new music is almost here. The former One Direction singer has released his new single “Alienated,” which will be included in his upcoming fourth album, “Room Under the Stairs,” expected to be released on May 17th.

The singer, who released his latest song titled “What I Am” just a month ago, commented on his new song:

I wrote ‘Alienated’ first, and it helped me shape and form my sound. Even in the way I wanted to approach the sound of my own voice and the sound of all the other instruments, like guitars. I don’t even know how to categorize it because I don’t want to say country, because I don’t think it’s country, I think it’s like my first type of blues. You can’t really put it into a category. I’ve just been influenced by other music, but it’s my own version.

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Just before its release, Zayn gave fans a preview of what to expect from his new music through a teaser that became available on his social media platforms, featuring a portion of “Alienated.”

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