Lil Nas X: Watch the Video for New Song “J Christ”

Diving Deep into Controversy, Lil Nas X Blends Religion and Celebrity in a Visually Striking Music Video, Cementing His Status as a Maverick in Pop.

Lil Nas X continues to captivate and challenge with his latest single, “J Christ,” accompanied by a visually rich and controversial music video. Dedicated to “the man with the greatest comeback,” the video unfolds as a spiritual odyssey, featuring celestial basketball, a wet Noah’s Ark dance, and Lil Nas X boldly portraying iconic figures, including himself nailed to a cross.

Teasing the release earlier in the week, Lil Nas X hinted at a dedication to someone who had the “greatest comeback of all time.” The accompanying artwork portrays the artist dressed as Jesus Christ on the cross, setting the tone for the provocative narrative.

Directed by Lil Nas X himself, the video opens the gates of heaven for celebrity look-alikes, including Taylor Swift, Kanye West, Mariah Carey, Oprah, and Barack Obama. Choreographer Sean Bankhead orchestrates elaborate dance numbers, adding to the visual spectacle.

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With a signature blend of LGBTQ and religious imagery, Lil Nas X solidifies his status as a maverick in pop culture. “J Christ” marks a bold chapter in his evolving narrative, leaving audiences captivated and eagerly anticipating what provocative surprises the artist has in store next.

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