Lil Nas X apologizes to Christian fans: ‘I know, I went too far’

The artist shared a video of apologies on Instagram after the release of the music video for his new single, 'J. Christ,' raised a few eyebrows.

Have you seen J. Christ‘s video, where Lil Nas X compared his musical comeback to that of Jesus Christ and, as usual, profaned all symbols of institutional religion?

Despite not being the first time the artist showcased his iconoclastic side (remember the Montero video, right?), things seem different this time. Lil Nas X, after taking a photo of himself on the cross and comparing entering paradise to the Met Gala photocall, felt compelled to release a video of apologies on his Instagram profile for anyone who might have felt offended.

“I know I went too far this time. I can pretend not to care, but this situation has had a mental impact on me. I am not an evil demon trying to destroy everyone’s values or anything like that. I am not like that.”

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He then specified that his intentions were purely artistic and not at all tied to his personal views on Christianity or those who practice it: “When I made the video, I knew there would be people unhappy simply because religion is a very sensitive topic for many. But I didn’t want to ridicule anyone; it wasn’t a challenge to Christians. It was literally my way of saying I’m back, like Jesus.”

He concluded with: “I want my Christian fans to know that I am not against you. I was put on this earth to bring people together and promote love. That’s who I am.”


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