Lana Del Rey vs. Christian Influencer: A Clash of Beliefs

Online Feud Erupts as Singer Counters Claims of Dark Magic with Biblical Knowledge

Lana Del Rey is in a feud with a Christian influencer. It’s all true.

On Instagram, influencer Traci Coston posted a video titled “Demon Energy Overtakes Lana Del Rey’s Audience.” In the video, Traci Coston shows footage of people falling en masse during one of Lana’s concerts, and she can only attribute it to black magic. “This is not normal!” says the influencer, claiming her expertise in demonology.

However, Lana responded, not forgetting that she herself included a preacher’s sermon in her latest album. She wrote under the video, “B!tch, I know every verse of the Bible better than you.” She added, “PS, you emit a super-gremlin energy. Not in a positive way.”

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Here’s the video and Lana’s response below:

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