Jess Glynne’s Artistic Stand: Why She Turned Down Rihanna’s Request for ‘Promise Me’

Empowering Women in Music: The Singer's Journey, Roc Nation Alliance, and Upcoming Album Teasers

In a recent interview with You magazine, Jess Glynne shared a remarkable moment in her career when Roc Nation’s Jay Brown proposed giving her song, ‘Promise Me,’ to Rihanna. Defiantly, Glynne refused, asserting her identity as an artist. The ‘Rather Be‘ singer discussed how such conflicts led her to part ways with her management team, a decision she proudly made to empower herself.

Reflecting on the incident, Glynne expressed her determination, emphasizing that she took charge of her own journey. The singer eventually signed with Roc Nation, meeting Jay Z and Beyoncé, whom she described as “humble human beings.” Glynne’s story serves as an inspiration for women and young girls, encouraging them to be empowered by their decisions.

This revelation comes amidst the release of three singles in 2023—’Silly Me,’ ‘What Do You Do,’ and ‘Friend Of Mine.’ According to the You article, these tracks offer a sneak peek into Glynne’s highly anticipated third full-length album, scheduled for release in 2024. Jess Glynne’s artistic integrity and empowering journey continue to shape her evolving musical narrative.

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