Hooverphonic’s Latest Musical Odyssey: ‘Fake Is The New Dope’

Belgian Trip-Hop Icons Return with Stunning Performance and Anticipated Album Release

Watch Hooverphonic’s Music Video for Their Recent Single “Fake Is The New Dope”!

Just over a month after the release of their new song titled “Fake Is The New Dope,” Hooverphonic has unveiled the music video featuring the band delivering a stunning performance.

Belgian trip-hop legends, Hooverphonic, continue their journey towards their twelfth studio album titled “Fake Is The New Dope,” expected to be released in April. Their latest single is none other than the eponymous track from the album. The mastermind behind the band, Alex Callier, both wrote and produced the song, which harks back to the beautiful, atmospheric trip-hop ballads that Hooverphonic has accustomed us to.

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Before the release of the song on January 26, Hooverphonic presented us with the singles: “Don’t Think,” “Mysterious,” “Por Fovor,” and “And then I Found You,” all of which will also be part of this album.

In “Fake Is The New Dope,” Geike Arnaert employs her emotive vocals and once again proves that together with Callier and Raymond Geerts, they can successfully experiment with whatever they please. We’re talking about a song with a sound that flawlessly combines nostalgic elements with modern allure.

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