Have you heard the song by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis dedicated to Amy Winehouse?

"Song for Amy" has been released, which is heard during the end credits of the biopic starring Marisa Abela, "Back to Black."

The soundtrack for the biopicfilm “Back to Black” about Amy Winehouse, has been released.

It is composed by the duo Nick Cave – Warren Ellis and closes with “Song for Amy,” an unreleased song dedicated to the English singer who died in 2011. “You needn’t care what they say / I’ll still love you anyway / Love kills everything / Just to take it away,” sings Cave.

Nick and Warren were the only musicians I thought of for the ‘Back to Black’ soundtrack,” said director Sam Taylor-Johnson. “I‘ve heard all the music they’ve composed over the years, working with them has been the realization of a dream. Their sensitivity and understanding of the story being told have brought forth a deep and moving soundtrack.”

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In addition to Cave and Ellis’s score, the collection of songs from the film, including those by Winehouse and others, has also been released on platforms. It includes the pieces heard in the biopic, such as “Leader of the Pack” by the Shangri-Las, a key song in the meeting between Amy and Blake, and the same “Song for Amy.”

The soundtrack album includes a total of 12 songs! Among them, 3 are from Amy’s debut album “Frank,” 3 from the acclaimed “Back To Black” album, and a new song by Nick Cave titled “Song For Amy.”

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