Hana Vu Got a New Song “22” #Listen

Hana Vu's Melancholic Ode to Being 22

Hana Vu’s nearing the release of “Romanticism,” her fourth album following the success of “Public Storage.”

Her latest single “22” continues her signature melancholic vibe but with a raw edge, blending dreamy melodies with a sharper sound. It’s another gem in her repertoire, echoing the sentiment of being overlooked despite her undeniable skill.

“22” delves into the bittersweetness of being young yet feeling the weight of time. In this personal fuzz-pop piece, she croons about yearning for someone’s presence at the age of 22, evoking a sense of melancholy tinged with longing.

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Despite her tender years, Vu’s emotive vocals capture the complexities of youthful heartache, resonating with listeners on a deeply relatable level. With each note, she crafts a poignant narrative that speaks to the universal experience of growing pains and longing for connection.

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