FKA Twigs: Pioneering the Deepfake Frontier

Navigating the Intersection of Artistry, Technology, and Ethics in the Digital Age

FKA Twigs is developing a deepfake version of herself. She wrote in a testimony submitted to the American Senate subcommittee working to regulate the use of actors’ and musicians’ identities to train artificial intelligences.

This Twigs AI, which speaks and “thinks” like her, will be tasked with marketing and social media interaction, allowing the singer more time to focus on her music.

In the past year,” writes Twigs, who will testify today on Capitol Hill on the subject, “I have developed a deepfake version of myself. It is not only trained to replicate my personality but can also use my exact tone of voice and speak in many languages. Later in the year, I will rely on my Twigs AI to do more things and manage online interactions on social media, leaving me time to focus on my art in the tranquility of my studio.

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The lesson Twigs draws from this experiment is that “these and other emerging technologies can be valuable tools both artistically and commercially if controlled by the artist.”

That said, the English artist is aware of the dangers posed when the use of AI is unregulated. “Our careers are in danger,” she warns. It is the duty of politicians to “change this situation and safeguard the future” given the dangers inherent in violating “the very essence of our humanity” through the “unscrupulous use of artificial intelligence to create a digital facsimile that claims to be us.”

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