Eurovision 2024: Listen to Israel’s Entry by Eden Golan!

The highly anticipated entry of Israel for Eurovision 2024 has been released!

After two negative reviews for the songs “October Rain” and “Dance Forever” due to the political message of the lyrics, the EBU gave the green light to the Israeli delegation.

The European Broadcasting Union informed the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation that the song “Hurricane,” to be performed by Eden Golan, has been approved and Israel will participate in the 68th Eurovision Song Contest. The decision was made by the Eurovision supervisory committee after discussing the lyrics of the song, written by Keren Pels, Avi Ohion, and Stav Begar, and after listening to its performance.

Just now, Israel’s entry for this year, “Hurricane,” has been released:

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The most significant changes in the new version of the song include the complete removal of the initial expression “October rain” from the song, the word “flowers” being replaced by “forces,” and a complete change in the Hebrew lyrics of the first song.

Israel was drawn to compete in the second half of the second semifinal on May 9th.

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