Dua Lipa Unleashes Anticipation with New Single “Training Season”

Pop Star Offers a Glimpse of Upbeat Vibes in a Snippet on TikTok, Pre-orders Now Open for Limited Edition Vinyl, CD, and Cassette Tape.

Dua Lipa Unveils Upcoming Single ‘Training Season‘ from Upcoming Album.

Pop sensation Dua Lipa has revealed her latest single, ‘Training Season,’ set to be featured on her upcoming album. Taking to her official Instagram account, she announced that the track is scheduled for release on February 15. Fans eager to get a sneak peek can pre-order or pre-save the song now. The single is available in various formats, including a limited edition 7″ vinyl, CD, and cassette tape.

Dua Lipa
Dua Lipa Credit: Tyrone Lebon

Dua Lipa also treated her TikTok followers to a preview of the energetic track. In the video, she can be seen singing along to the lyrics: “I need someone to hold me close / deeper than I’ve ever known / whose love feels like a rodeo / knows just how to take control / He’s straight talking to my soul / conversation overload / got me feeling vertigo,” all while dancing in the back of a car.

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The song, as explained by Rolling Stone US, quoting her statement, stems from Dua’s reflection on her own love life: “I’ve been on a series of bad dates, and the last one was really the last straw.” The anecdote continues: “So the morning after this last date, I came to the studio with Caroline and Tobias, and they asked me how it went. I replied, ‘Training season is over.’ And that’s how we laughed and started writing the song from there.

I’ve never felt so confident and focused. And even though perhaps the training season will never end for any of us, we can still find beauty and experience it with someone by our side. Start thinking about having someone to grow with.



♬ Training Season – Dua Lipa

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