Dolly Parton: “Beyoncé Recorded a Cover of ‘Jolene’ for Her Country Album”

"She and her mother are big fans of mine"

Dolly Parton may have inadvertently revealed one of the songs featured on Beyoncé‘s upcoming country album set to be released at the end of the month. It won’t be, as many fans hoped, a collaboration between her and Queen Bey, but rather a cover of her most iconic song, Jolene.

The queen of country, during an interview with Knox News, indulged in some speculation, breaking the traditional silence surrounding Beyoncé’s new releases: “I think she recorded Jolene for her new country album, and I’m very curious about it. I love her, she’s a beautiful woman and a great singer.”

“We’ve written to each other over the years because she and her mother are my fans,” Parton continued. “I’ve always thought she was fantastic.”

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To find out if the cover of Jolene will be part of Act 2, fans will have to wait until March 29th.

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