Céline Dion speaks about her illness: “Nothing will stop me”

At first, I wondered: 'Why me? How did this happen? What did I do? Is it my fault?'" the singer said. "Life doesn't give you answers."

Céline Dion maintains her optimism as she continues to battle the illness that has afflicted her, Stiff Person Syndrome.

The Canadian singer appeared on the cover of Vogue France and spoke about the health conditions that prevented her from performing for several years, also sharing thoughts on life and what truly keeps her going.

“I haven’t defeated the illness because it’s still inside me and it will be forever. I hope we will find a miracle, a way to cure it through scientific research. For now, I have to learn to live with it,” Dion told the magazine. “So this is me now. Five days a week, I undergo athletic, physical, and vocal therapy. I work on my tiptoes, knees, calves, fingers, singing, voice… I have to learn to live with it now and stop questioning myself. At first, I wondered: ‘Why me? How did this happen? What did I do? Is it my fault? Life doesn’t give you answers. You just have to live it.”

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Dion explained that she chose to “train like an athlete and work hard” instead of staying at home and “singing for myself.” Stiff Person Syndrome is an autoimmune neurological disease that causes muscle stiffness and very painful spasms.

“I chose to work with my whole body and soul, from head to toe, with a medical team,” she said. “I want to be the best I can be.” The singer continued, saying that the love of her family, her children, and her fans is ultimately what helped her overcome the difficult times.

“People who suffer from this syndrome may not be fortunate enough or have the means to have good doctors and good treatments,” she said. “I have these means, and that’s a gift. Plus, I have this strength inside me. I know nothing will stop me.”

Céline Dion was supposed to go on tour in the spring of 2023, but she canceled the tour at the end of 2022 after discussing her condition in a video on Instagram.

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