Cascada Revamps Blondie’s ‘Call Me’ with a Disco Twist for Upcoming Album ‘Studio 24’

New Single 'Call Me' by Cascada Promises to Ignite Dancefloors Ahead of October Album Release

Cascada is set to electrify the music scene once again with their latest single, a dynamic cover of Blondie’s iconic hit “Call Me.” This exciting release is part of their highly anticipated new album, Studio 24, scheduled to drop on October 11, 2024. Known for their infectious dance tracks, the German pop sensation has transformed Blondie’s new wave rock classic into a disco-infused anthem that’s sure to get fans moving.


A recent press release describes the track as “a dynamic cover of Blondie’s classic hit. Reimagined in the signature sound of their upcoming album, Studio 24, this track promises to bring fresh energy while honoring the original’s timeless appeal. With captivating beats and modern production, Cascada’s version of ‘Call Me’ is sure to resonate with fans old and new.”

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Cascada’s rendition of “Call Me” showcases their talent for blending nostalgic hits with contemporary dance elements. The band has injected the track with a pulsating disco beat, creating a version that is both modern and respectful of the original. Vocalist Natalie Horler delivers a standout performance, adding a fresh yet familiar vibe that will appeal to longtime fans and new listeners alike.


This single follows the initial teaser from Studio 24, where Cascada covered the classic soul hit “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.” With “Call Me,” they shift their focus to the energetic sounds of the eighties, demonstrating their versatility and knack for reimagining timeless tracks.


Cascada has long been a staple in the global dance music scene, with hits like “Every Time We Touch,” “Evacuate the Dancefloor,” and “Truly Madly Deeply” becoming anthems for pop and dance music lovers. Their latest work on “Call Me” is a testament to their ability to innovate while paying homage to the music that inspires them.


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As the release date for Studio 24 approaches, excitement is building. Cascada’s fresh take on “Call Me” is a promising preview of what’s to come, ensuring that fans are in for a treat. Mark your calendars for October 11, 2024, and get ready to dance the night away with Cascada’s newest hits.

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